Did you know that the life of one “STATE” IS 90 SECONDS?

(state = biochemical, electrical neural network) i.e. happiness or sadness

The longest a strong urge, or emotion can “coast” biochemically is 90 seconds. In order for it to last longer, someone is throwing logs on the fire!   In other words according to the Quantum Zeno Effect, paying attention to any specific neural connection keeps the associated circuitry open and dynamic and alive.

Neurons that fire together …wire together…!  

(quantum zeno effect) rapid, frequently repeated observations stabilize a system and slow the rate of change or decay.   (anti zeno effect) fewer, less frequent observations, destabilize a system and increases the rate of change or decay.   (John Overdurf’s Trance of a Lifetime Training 2010)

In order for a state to persist, it has to be re-engaged or the nervous system has to be “reminded” to keep firing the same circuitry over and over again.   This is done through making pictures, self talk or external stimulations in our environment. The strong the ‘feeling’ the gratere the number of circuits simultaneously fired.    

SO IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE IN THE ‘ZONE’…What is it that you have to be paying attention to or not paying attention to?


(different information hangs out at different brain wave frequencies!

Lets talk about this before we talk about the zone brain wave … You have probably heard of beta , alpha, theta , delta brain waves…I will explain what these are , along with Gamma.   (now known where the Monks are when they are meditating)

BY the way ..if you want to have an amazing experience with any of the following brain waves..go to one of John Overdurf’s trainings or go to his online store and buy the cd’s! You will be amazed.

GAMMA..(my personal favorite)   25-70 Hz

Correlated with synchrony of far reaching neural networks which creates integrative and more highly ordered cognitive and affective functions.

They are instrumental in neural synchrony of processes like attention, working, memory, learning and conscious perception.

These brain waves are evident during “Aha” moments, a therapeutic moment for 200-300 milliseconds and most likely enlightenment for longer periods of time.


Beta: 13-24 Hz

Correlated with a focusing of attention and perception coupled with active expression.

These waves are evident during simple problem solving, arithmetic activities and reality testing which requires making finer distinctions and communication through language.

Because attention is focused, this is also correlated with many unwanted states that can hinder performance.

Alpha: 8-12 Hz

Correlated with states of “relaxed alertness” or more common “flow states”.

They are evident during createive activities which can involve expression or reflection.

There is a widening of perception and relaxin of boundaries which allows for greater recognition of patterns, themes and large frames of organization which can extend beyond language.

Theta 4-z Hz

Correlated deeper states of reflection, contemplation and sleep.

They are evident during “mystical” experiences like out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, and deeper states of mediation.

There is a further increase in the widening of perception and relaxing of boundaries which allows recognition of much longer cycles and larger patterns which are usually beyond language.

Delta 1-3 Hz

Correlated with only sleep for most people!

They are evident during stage 2, 4 and 4 sleep (physical restoration) where there is usually no conscious activity.

In cases where consciousness is active there is a further increase of experience of wholeness and boundlessness.


I am wondering if you have guessed yet, where the brain wave activity is when in the Zone?

Or if you can guess where the brain wave activity is when folks make change most easily?-



The zone is a state of focused awareness or energized focus.   A person is fully immersed in a feeling of focus or a single minded immersion in performing or learning.


How do I get there?

This is one of the most basic practices I have my clients do ..most every time they come in for a visit.

#1: Take a nice deep breathe in through your nose and let it out double long through your mouth.

#2: look straight up ..towards your brain for a few seconds..

#3: Return your eyes to normal and then soften your eyes..go into peripheral vision…

#4. Soften your thoughts…

#5 Now. Do what you have to do…

You are in the Zone.

Remember, to practice this when you are not doing something that is so much at risk..like your sport.

The example John Overdurf uses is..: If you just learned to swim, you don’t take on the English Channel!

The answer to the question..what brain wave is the zone….

Answer: Alpha or high alpha.

You can be in an expanded Alpha or Focused Alpha ..determined by the sport or event you are participating in.

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