Changing the way we think.   Is it really possible. There are so many self help books out there telling us we can.

I have many friends and clients that buy and read every self help book there is and they still can’t seem to change their lives. They have done everything and nothing seems to work to undo years of negative thought patterns.

If you have read my story, you will also know that I have dedicated my life to finding ways to solve this problem of anxiety and depression by taking trainings that address these issues.   In the 60’s and 70’s there wasn’t much help for these symptoms and often doctors thought you were crazy if you had anxiety symptoms.   I personally was treated terribly by friends, family, doctors, teachers and therapists.   As I look back on it, it was not understood, so it was thought I was making it up.   I hear it in my office today from many clients who have family and spouses that think they are making it up, that panic and anxiety are not real.

So, can you change the way you think? Can you really change these automatic negative thoughts?    YES YOU CAN. I HAVE AND SO HAVE MANY OF MY CLIENTS.

Understanding a little more about the brain/body can be helpful.

You are born with a fight or flight mechanism is your brain and body. When a person senses, danger, the body prepares itself to either fight (defend itself) or flee (run away from the situation).   The body’s fight or flight mechanism causes the heart rate to increase, the eyes to dilate, and the body to prepare itself for a dangerous situation.   These responses allow a person to protect him/herself.   Even though these effects are intended to be a good thing, sometimes the body misunderstands a situation and believes that there is danger when in reality there is not. ( take a test, giving a speech, etc.).


The part of the brain that triggers fight or flight is called the amygdala.

The amygdale is trained to remember the thing that triggered the fight or flight mechanism (taking a test or giving a speech).   So this part of the brain is keeping track of all things that might cue danger.

You can see how this can cause much unnecessary anxiety.

The brain has to be re-trained to stop reacting in flight or flight to something that is not actually dangerous.

Tbis is where getting help from guided imagery, hypnosis, NLP, HNRI , Brainspotting or EMDR is very useful and successful. Finding a personal development coach that is trained in the above is critical.




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