Diane Ulicsni was recently interviewed by Arrow Living: Listen to the interview


In today’s episode, I interview one of the people who helped me out the most during one of the lowest points in my life: my therapist, Diane Ulicsni. When I had my first session with Diane, I had just stepped away from soccer and was in the depths of depression, and a foreign debilitating “stuckness.” Working with her gave me immense insight into why my body felt like it was shutting down. Time and time again, Diane has guided me through processing trauma associated with sports and other areas of my life. I have experienced massive levels of healing because of her.

Diane uses a combination of modalities (EMDR, brain spotting NLP, hypnosis, guided imagery, and EFT) to help athletes work through areas that are making them feel stuck, anxious, and/or confused.

In this episode, Diane talks about:

 -where anxiety stems from and how to release it

-why talk therapy doesn’t work for a lot of people

-the emotional component of injuries that often causes people to get re-injured

-how to be the boss of your emotions

-the unconventional way she helped stewardess overcome their fear of flying after 9/11

And more!

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