Are you stuck in a rut-athletic performance



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Are you stuck in a rut-athletic performance? Injury? low self esteem? anxiety?

Recent neuro-science has shown us how we can use our mind/brain to BE more successful

By BEing in control of our thoughts and emotions.

There is a lot of hard science to support this.

( they will learn the hard science in our trainings)

Thoughts are things.   What fires together –wires together. What does this mean?

Neuro scientist Jill Bailey states that a bio chemical state of mind can only last for 90 seconds ,,unless someone is putting more logs on the fire…

So if you have anxiety, in order to keep it going you have to be thinking anxiety thoughts repeatedly.

In other words, your circuitry in your brain (neurons) keep firing and continuing anxiety.

Whatever you are paying attention to ( anxious thoughts) creates more neuro logical connections for anxious thoughts.  This creates stuckness or freezing in the brain or body.

You might be asking yourself…How do I get unstuck?

Its all about changing your state of mind. My next blog is going to be Be information on Techniques to getting unstuck.



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