In the past two years I have seen so many more clients that have been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder.     Medical Doctors can and often prescribe medications, not knowing what else to do to help people.

Most of my clients tell me the medication either doesn’t help or makes their symptoms worse.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a little less severe than actual full blown panic attacks.

It is more like people being anxious about work or school or life in general.

When anxiety has a specific focus it usually has a different diagnosis , like fear of public speaking (big one!) or social phobia. It is also can include Obsessive –compulsive disorder. OCD.

Anxiety of about weight is usually anorexia nervosa.

Post traumatic Stress is also a diagnosis including anxiety disorders.

These ‘disorders” have very similar or even the same symptoms including

Substance –induced anxiety disorder

Social phobias

Obsessive thoughts

Mood disorders

Psychotic disorders

Anxiety/panic attacks canmimic a lot of physical illnesses like thyroid conditions so it is absolutely essential to get a medical assessment by a qualified physician.

Once you have seen a medical doctor, there are many many modalities that I use in my office to resolve these issues.


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