About Diane


Diane Ulicsni lives her passion in life by helping others discover their inner strength! She believes that your outside world is the mirror image of your inside world.   Diane has spent 20 years helping people learn about their inside world (where your true power lies) .Through powerful techniques, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Brainspotting and HNRI (hemisphere neurological reprocessing and integration), Diane helps her clients to break through old behaviors and create new, more successful pathways in the brain for ongoing success.

As the founder of Success Technologies, Diane is trained in sports traumatic stress, Brainspotting, and trains and certifies others in NLP, Hypnosis, and Guided Imagery. She is an instructor for the largest Hypnosis School in the world, the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Each year, she conducts trainings for large groups of new students, and existing therapists. In addition she teaches self hypnosis and other mental techniques for Portland Community College.

Diane is also a published author on Web MD and in Women’s World and the Gratitude Book, for her work with anxiety, trauma, sports and weight loss and stop smoking.

With continuing education and training Diane keeps herself on the cutting edge of the latest advancements in the field.

A one of a kind personal and professional development coach, Diane has a wonderfully compassionate personality combined with an amazing mastery of the latest proven tools in Sports Trauma, NLP, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery and Brainspotting. Diane has a depth of understanding of how the brain functions.

Coaching for Success:

In the past 20 years, athletes, executives, sales people and many others have benefited from Diane’s coaching including:

*World class runners from Nike

*Nationally ranked skaters from Disney

*Executives from Microsoft

*Olympic Athletes

Diane’s life purpose is to help people retrain their brain and break through old roadblocks so they can live the life they want.

Zoom Distance Sessions AvailableContact me at 503.740.6614 or diane@dianeu.com to schedule.

I understand that many people are experiencing anxiety and stress due to the coronavirus situation.

I am available for telephone / Zoom sessions from the safety of your home.

Contact me at 503.740.6614 or diane@dianeu.com to schedule.