How Trauma Resolution Therapy Can Change Your Life

trauma resolution therapy

What Is Trauma Resolution?

During the course of a lifetime, approximately half of all men and women will exposed to or experience at least one traumatic event, such as an assault, bullying, death, vehicular or work related accident, serious sports injuries , domestic violence, natural disaster (like earthquakes or hurricanes). Some people can resume their normal lives after such an experience while others will suffer significant distress or impairment. Traumatic experiences impact both the brain structure and processes.

WHAT IS CRM – A Comprehensive Resource Model

A Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) was developed by Lisa Schwarz M.Ed. CRM is based upon the process of remembering, re-processing, and releasing traumatic material from the nervous system in order to provide the opportunity for re-connection to ones true-self. The meaning of the truth of ones life, and the ability to embody love in ones actions. More information is available at:

How Does Trauma Resolution Therapy Help?

Trauma is characterized as a rare and overwhelming event that produces an intense emotional response (fear, helplessness, hopelessness, horror) the event is traumatic. Trauma is not just an external event. It also has a psychological response. For many years mental health professionals and others have recognized that exposure to trauma can produce long term psychological consequences. Many people mask or self medicate the symptoms which develop from exposure to traumatic stress as a form of numbing.

Trauma can be traced to a natural defense mechanism that all human beings share. It is referred to as the Flight or Flight or Freeze response. In the face of stress or danger the body releases a chemical called adrenaline, which results in a wide range of physiological and psychological responses. For example, increased heart rate, over all hyper-arousal of the bodily systems and increased pupil size. A lesser known fear response, is the freeze response (immobilization). This reaction to fear or terror often leaves people with the belief afterward, “why didn’t I do something?” Freezing and fleeing are often defensive responses that are connected to unrealistic and debilitating feelings of guilt and shame in the aftermath of trauma.

Listed below are a few symptoms that a person that has experienced trauma may have.

  • Nightmares

  • Avoidance of people, place, and other situation is associated with trauma

  • Visual, auditory and kinesthetic flashbacks

  • Intrusive thoughts or automatic negative thoughts

  • Persistent anxiety, increased arousal and hypersensitivity

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Diminished interest or participation in previously enjoyed activities

  • Feelings of detachment and isolation

  • Numbing or shutting down.

  • Symptoms can be mild to severe (ongoing symptoms are very taxing on a persons nervous system)

  • People try to self medicate for relief

Anyone that has grown up in a household of alcoholics or drug addicts or family that is depressed or anxious (who often have had their own history of trauma)  can be well aware of the symptoms mentioned above.

Resolving Trauma With An Oregon Trauma Specialist

If you have thoughts about resolving trauma, be advised you have a life-changing road ahead. If this was simple, everybody would accomplish it simply by changing their mindset about how they feel. I have had numerous experiences with clients over the past 30+ years that has shown me time and time again that trauma resolution techniques work when it is done correctly. Many individuals who decide to heal traumatic events need to see the process to completion. I will guide you through the process and create a safe environment in which you can resolve traumatic events once and for all.

Learn more about Trauma Resolution Therapy.


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