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What is a Breakthrough Coach?

Breakthough coaching is an open-ended coaching format that will disrupt a client’s old habits and patterns long enough for new habits to be installed. Breakthough coaching follows a sequence of multiple coaching sessions per week. Often it is 3 back-to-back sessions lasting 2-3 hours each during a single week. The recommend time period for breakthrough coaching is approximately a month, and the common understanding here with scientific backing is that it takes approximately 21 days to create a habit. By disrupting the old pattern for a sequence of a month, you will find your way moving through those old obstacle that had been holding you back.

Who Needs a Breakthrough Coach and Why Work With Portland Breakthrough Coach Diane Ulicsni?

A breakthrough coach can be a major life changer for individuals who have been affected by traumatic experiences they can’t manage to move beyond. Individuals who suffered from anxieties or panic attacks can benefit from working with a breakthrough coach. People suffering from phobias have found breakthrough coaching to create amazing results in their lives. Business people and athletes tend to have similar issues in terms of motivation, public performance, and mental toughness. Major life transitions affecting careers and relationships can have tremendous outcomes when undergoing breakthrough coaching. Individuals and addicts who describe themselves as being or feeling “stuck” will have great results working with Portland Breakthough Coach Diane Ulicsni. Diane’s expertise spans various modalities and therapies backed by the latest scientifically proven studies. Additionally, Portland Oregon Life Coach Diane has been in practice for 30+ years and there is very little that she has not seen or heard and helped her clients to work through using her breakthrough training and coaching approach…

What is the Difference Between Breakthrough Coaching and Life Coaching?

Life coaching tends to be a gradual, but consistent process of problem solving and accomplishing goals that can go on for years. Breakthrough coaching is intense and structured in a way that you achieve one primary goal within the course of 30 days. How can you begin with Breakthrough coaching? Name the first thing in your life that you haven’t been able to change and Diane will help you create your personalized breakthrough program. Learn more about Portland Beakthrough Coaching.

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