Weight Loss ~ Lose Weight

Weight Loss ~ Lose Weight

You can reach your dream weight just by programming your brain for weight loss. I specialize in working with people who have tried everything else possible to lose weight. Together, we work on the root causes of weight gain – rather than the physicality of this prevalent issue – and reprogram the brain to let go of old, unhealthy patterns.

Here’s an excerpt from Women’s World magazine:

It takes relaxation, fixation, and repetition to successfully ingrain new habits. This is particularly good news for dieters, says Portland, Oregon Hypnosis Specialist Diane Ulicsni, because the reason many of us lose weight only to regain it is that our subconscious is out of the loop. “When your subconscious believes you weigh 200 pounds – even if you’ve actually lost 40 or 50 pounds – your automatic urge is to act like you weigh 200 pounds,” she says. “When you reduce stress, you reduce production of the stress hormone cortisol,” notes Ulicsni. “Researchers have linked cortisol to excess fat storage, particularly around the abdomen. Also, when you’re producing cortisol, your body’s fat-burning mechanisms can’t function.”

I had the privilege of taking your weight loss class a few months ago, and unfortunately something came up and I was unable to attend the last class. I heard from my friend that also took the class that I had really missed out as that was the best and most enjoyable one. She purchased some of your CDs and has really had success along with enjoying the outcome. She is so happy with the results. I feel I have to join her, so here I am placing my order for a few CDs of my own.
— H.W.

I really enjoyed the [weight loss] classes and have been eating healthier, taking vitamins and minerals and losing some pounds. Thank you so much!
— M.W.