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Let me first say that Anxiety and Panic are not mental Illnesses. One of the world’s most recognized anxiety experts, Dr. Claire Weekes, describes how many anxiety disorders start from exhaustion, physical, mental and emotional. When depleted in any one of these areas, the body and mind become very sensitized and susceptible to nervousness.



How a Lake Oswego Panic Expert Can Help

People with anxiety sensitivity often interpret the bodily sensations like, shortness of breath, pounding heart, sweaty palms, as unknown health problems. For example, a pounding heart becomes a heart attack or a racing mind makes them think they may go crazy. Many people tell me they feel trapped. Or feel there is no escape and then begin to panic.

Millions of people suffer from anxiety.   Anxiety is misinterpreted body signals that can activate the fight, flight, freeze response. Anxiety can be resolved and corrected.     Other than being inconvenient, anxiety will not harm you.   Many of my clients tell me they feel like they are going to die, but once through the anxiety and panic, they are alive and well.

I grew up being very anxious and developed panic attacks early in life. I have made it a life purpose to gain tools and knowledge to help my clients to completely over come panic and anxiety as I have.



What are examples of symptoms of anxiety and panic?

The following are common signs of anxiety and panic:

  • Pounding heart palpitations, accelerated heart beat. (I had this in open spaces, like shopping malls and grocery stores.)
  • Trembling or shaking, could also be signs of Post Traumatic Stress.
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of Breath or smothering (claustrophobia)
  • Chest Pain
  • Nausea, Vomiting, Irritable Bowel
  • Feeling dizzy or feint, lightheaded
  • Fear of losing control or going crazy (this is very common)
  • Fear of dying
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Chills
  • Hot flashes
  • Confusion
  • Exhaustion, emotional and physical
  • Fear of being trapped.




What Are Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks?

Anxiety disorders can last from weeks to years.   Many people form phobias when dealing with anxiety constantly. Anxiety can generalize from thinking about having a heart attack to being afraid to drive.   Some people become agoraphobic. (Only feeling safe at home).    They are always waiting for another attack to happen. If you have not experienced panic and anxiety, it may be hard to understand those that are experiencing it.   People often don’t understand what you are going through and some people think you are making it up. They tell you “its all in your mind”   “you need to pull yourself together” “just relax”.

Anxiety and panic can mimic many physical illnesses include heart and thyroid conditions. It is absolutely essential to get a medical assessment. Many MD’s claim that anxiety is a chemical disorder, which to date, Is not a proven fact. I think many companies gain profits from the sale of prescription drugs. I have attended the best of anxiety and trauma trainings and most professionals agree that medications aren’t the answer. I am not against the use of medications, but only as a last resort.




Lake Oswego Panic and Anxiety Disorders

Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms?

  • Pounding heart (heart palpitations, racing heart rate)
  • Sweating
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering
  • Feeling of choking
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Nausea or abdominal stress
  • Feeling dizzy, light headed, faint or unsteady
  • Feelings of unreality or being detached from oneself
  • Fear of losing control or going crazy
  • Fear of dying
  • Numbness or tingling sensations
  • Chills or hot flashes

If so, you may have experienced an anxiety or panic attack brought on by a stressful situation or series of events. Often times, too, one (or some) of these symptoms is followed by a powerful and persistent concern about having additional anxiety or panic attacks, worrying about the implications from having such an attack (e.g., worrying about losing control, having a real heart attack, going crazy) or even prompting a significant change in other behavior—related attacks. Anxiety/panic attacks can mimic a lot of physical illnesses (like thyroid conditions) so it is absolutely essential to get a medical assessment by a qualified physician.

However, you can stop fearing: there are plenty of healthy ways to combat stress, anxiety and panic, to become aware of anxiety/panic producing situations, and to then calm down once you do feel like you’re in the middle of an attack.




Work with a Qualified Panic and Anxiety Relief Therapist

I am a Lake Oswego hypnotherapist, Lake Oswego NLP Practitioner, and a personal development coach certified in Brain Spotting and EMDR. I also knows from personal experience how debilitating anxiety and panic disorder can be. It is from my own experience, and path to healing, that enables me to help others combat this serious condition and achieve substantial levels of anxiety relief.

Here’s an excerpt on panic disorder from a feature by Carol Sorgen, in WebMD:

“Diane Ulicsni knows all too well how terrifying panic attacks can be. For more than 12 years, Ulicsni, director of The Hypnosis Center in Lake Oswego, Ore., suffered from chronic panic attacks that led her on a seemingly endless round of doctor and emergency room visits. Convinced she was having a heart attack, Ulicsni endured the all-too-common symptoms of panic attacks (also known as panic disorder), which include a feeling of intense fear, sense of doom, or feeling of unreality, accompanied by physical symptoms such as a racing or pounding heartbeat; difficulty breathing or a feeling of choking; sweating, shaking, or flushing; chest pains; dizziness, light-headedness, or nausea; fear of losing control; and tingling or numbness in the hands. Ulicsni, who finally found relief from her panic attacks through hypnosis and is now a board certified Hypnosis Specialist, says that hypnosis – which has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958 as a form of treatment – is one of several non-drug approaches that can significantly ease, if not cure, panic attacks.

“‘Hypnosis can strengthen the effect of the mind on the body’, says Ulicsni, ‘by changing the way you perceive sensations, narrowly focusing your attention so you’re not overwhelmed by the symptoms of a panic attack, and relaxing you physically.'”

More Lake Oswego Anxiety Coaching Clients Share Their Results From Working With Lake Oswego Panic Expert, Diane Ulicsni

Dear Diane,

Hello! I hope things are well. I wanted to write you, thanking you for the skills that you have taught me through our 2 sessions together.

Guided Imagery of releasing anxiety, having all the tools to accomplish my goals, imagining the goal, not using the word not, and positive self talk are all tools I have used in the past 5 weeks.

These past 5 weeks have been most stressful filled with 12 residency interviews in about 10 different cities, 15 airplane flights, (many of them with weather delays, missed connecting flights, arriving in a city at 3.a.m. only 4 hours before my 7 a.m. residency interview was to start, etc, etc.) Additionally in the past 5 weeks, I took two parts of the medical boards exams (each exam was 8 hours long for a total of 16 hours of exams). My most important exam was cancelled last minute due to the stormy weather. I barely arrived home for Christmas, and then had to reschedule that exam 2 days after Christmas. I practically went crazy being snowed in my home for 5 days and studying and studying and studying for this test.

So, these past 5 weeks have been stressful to say the least. But I have utilized many of your techniques. I listened to your CD’s on my IPOD on many airplane flights, and my life has changed for the better because of them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

To top it all off, do you remember asking me what score I wanted to get on my boards exam? At first I said 230 (a good score) Then I changed it to a 250 ( an absolutely phenomenal score). We then did a visualization exercise imagining what it would feel like to get that score. WELL I got my score back yesterday, and it was a 256. I about fell out of my chair! Never in a million years would I ave ever guessed that “everything really would be all right”. Never in a million years would I have thought that score to be possible for me. When faced with future similar experiences (which is a certainty for me), I will always be able to look back on this experience of studying for the boards with great confidence to face the tasks ahead of me.

Thanks again for all of your help. Now I am off to live for the next 4 weeks to do a rotation in Pediatrics.

Have a wonderful Day.



I suffered with anxiety and panic for much of my adult life, and was convinced that I was helpless, certainly hopeless and doomed to live a life of irrational fear, panic and avoidance (… anything that I ‘thought’ would spur a panic attack, I would avoid). Thanks to Diane, I learned that I did NOT have to suffer with anxiety and/or panic attacks, AND I could and would actually ENJOY those activities that I was previously avoiding!!

If you suffer from any type of anxiety or panic, you need to call Diane NOW! Trust me – I’ve been where you are now, and it may not seem possible, but Diane can and will help you live a real life – FREE from anxiety and panic. Call Diane now, you will not regret it.

— S.M.

I knew that hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to deal with any emotional and many physical issues, but thought I wasn’t able to “be hypnotized”. Then a family crisis led me to Diane. After she talked with me about guided imagery, I realized I had held a common misconception about what it was. I also discovered I had held on to several issues all my life I thought I had put behind me and safely dealt with.

After working with Diane I’ve come to know how relatively easy it is to let go of these issues, begin to heal and change myself and my life as a result. She is an insightful, professional and experienced practitioner and a caring specialist. I would recommend her to anyone without reserve and urge anyone who thinks they can’t afford this type of treatment to realize that it is much less expensive than traditional treatment, in my opinion it is much more effective (having experienced both), and the cost of letting things buried in your subconscious run your life and affecting the lives of those around you instead of doing it yourself is prohibitive in comparison. Every day I am grateful I met her!

— Marni Tyrae

What Can You Do To Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

If you have an anxiety disorder, you have to be very good at doing something. What do you think this is?

You have to be very good at making negative images , or having negative thoughts, that I call the “WHAT IF’s” (causing the fight or flight system to kick in) And you are imaging situations that MIGHT happen in the future. It hasn’t happened yet, but you are imagining it is going to happen.

What neuro science proves now is that your brain makes neurons or neurological connections according to what you are focused on thinking about over and over.   For example, and athlete continually what if’ing negative outcomes. Or thinking what if I fail?    

So of course if you are doing this , you will cause anxiety and even panic. What fires together wires together. So you are making thick pathways in your brain for anxiety and panic.

Did you know that a state of mind… such as fear… can only last 90 seconds! What has to happen to keep it going is for you to put more logs on the fire!

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