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I think of trauma as the result of “threat we’re not prepared to handle”  which explains why one person may be traumatized and another not when experiencing the same threat.  Childhood experiences are often most traumatic because we are dependent on parents or caretakers, and very vulnerable ourselves.

Human babies/children can’t survive alone, so we usually couldn’t run away or fight back, if someone didn’t protect or care for us.  We need to go back and review those experiences in order for our bodies and minds to know when we have the power to get away or fight back NOW , if we need to.



What is Considered Trauma or PTSD?

During the course of a lifetime, approximately half of all men and women will exposed to or experience at least one traumatic event, such as an assault, bullying, death, vehicular or work related accident, serious sports injuries , domestic violence, natural disaster, ( earthquakes, hurricanes). Some people can resume their normal lives after such an experience while others will suffer significant distress or impairment.  Traumatic experiences impact both the brain structure and processes.

Trauma is characterized as a rare and overwhelming event that produces an intense emotional response, (fear, helplessness, hopelessness,  horror), the event is traumatic. Trauma is not just an external event. It also has a psychological response. For many years mental health professionals and others have recognized that exposure to trauma can produce long term psychological consequences.  Many people mask or self medicate the symptoms which develop from exposure to traumatic stress as a form of numbing.



Lake Oswego PTSD Therapy

Trauma can be traced to a natural defense mechanism that all human beings share.  It is referred to as the Flight or Flight or Freeze response.   In the face of stress or danger the body releases a chemical called adrenaline, which results in a wide range of physiological and psychological responses.  For example, increased heart rate, over all hyper arousal of the bodily systems , increased pupil size.

A lesser known fear response,  is the freeze response (immobilization) .  This reaction to fear or terror often leaves people with the belief afterward, “why didn’t I do something?”. Freezing and fleeing are often defensive responses that are connected to unrealistic and debilitating feelings of guilt and shame in the aftermath of trauma.




Potential Trauma Symptoms Previously Experienced By My Lake Oswego Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Clients

Listed below are a few symptoms that a person that has experienced trauma may have:

  • Nightmares
  • Avoidance of people, place, and other situation is associated with trauma
  • Visual, auditory and kinesthetic flashbacks
  • Intrusive thoughts or automatic negative thoughts.
  • Persistent anxiety, increased arousal and hypersensitivity
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Diminished interest or participation in previously enjoyed activities
  • Feelings of detachment and isolation
  • Numbing or Shutting down

PTSD and Trauma symptoms can be mild to severe and ongoing symptoms are very taxing on a persons nervous system. It is not uncommon for people to try to self medicate for relief. Anyone that has grown up in a household of alcoholics or drug addicts or family that is depressed or anxious,  (who often have had their own history of trauma)  can be well aware of the symptoms mentioned above.




Lake Oswego Trauma Specialist and Lake Oswego PTSD Expert Feedback

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and Diane Ulicsni takes it to a new level of effectiveness. Her technology and expertise will absolutely optimize your brain and your life!

— Daniel G. Amen, MD

Diane changed my life. Actually, she gave me my life. My marriage is joyful and harmonious, my work life is rewarding and successful, and my relationships are healthy and balanced. I have control of my life. Her guided imagery went directly to the root of my issues, which were deeply in my subconscious. Once identified, there could be resolution. She removed incredible burdens that were stuffed in my memory and were negatively affecting my behavior and results. It’s like a mental message.

The crazy thing is I put off seeing Diane because I thought I couldn’t afford the cost. In hindsight, her help was absolutely priceless. One of the benefits of seeing her is my improved confidence, which tangibly resulted in earning more money at my job. I wish I had gone sooner but thank God I went at all. Give yourself this gift. Go see Diane. She will change your life. Don’t put it off.

— Barbara Kelley

Going to see Diane was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I knew this the second I laid eyes on her when she came out to get me in the waiting room. She’s the type of person you look at and instantly know you have a new friend you can trust.

Originally, I went to get help with psoriasis–a chronic skin disease I’ve had for many years now. After my first session, I realized that there were a lot of other things that I needed to deal with that were causing my skin problems. A huge factor in psoriasis is stress. When you are stressed out, it gets worse.

Before my first visit, I was pretty nervous about it. I didn’t know what to expect and had all kinds of ideas about what guided imagery would be like. I even asked Diane during the first session if she could make me quack like a duck. Diane took the time to explain how the whole thing works and made me feel very comfortable.

I looked forward to each of my appointments. The first part of each session, you sit in a comfortable chair and listen to soft music. Diane talks and you relax deeply and feel very calm and comfortable. Then she talks to your subconscious mind and finds the root cause of different issues. Then you deal with them and basically rewire your brain.

There are a few things that really amazed me about this whole process. One is how fast it all works. For instance, if you are trying to get rid of your anxiety, it generally only takes 1-3 sessions. Even some of the very serious issues I had to deal with were resolved quickly.

Another amazing thing about Diane is that she doesn’t try to keep you in treatment for the rest of your life. After just a few sessions, she said that I could stop coming if I wanted and just come back now and then for “tune-ups.” I kept going because everything worked so well I wanted to see how else I could change and grow.

Finally, it was interesting to see what the experience of guided imagery is like. You are there the whole time. You know what is going on, you remember everything that happens and you won’t do or say anything you don’t want to. It basically feels like a dream that you participate in.

I would encourage everyone to go to Diane. I’ve sent at least 5 of my friends in to see her and they all say she’s amazing and they can’t believe how fast their lives change for the better. All my friends have noticed the change in me. Some of them didn’t even know I was going through therapy and they would say, “Something is different about you. You seem more happy and relaxed.” Now whenever I do or say things I used to be afraid to do, I say to myself or others around me, “Thank you, Diane!”

— Ben Matteson


Diane Ulicsni uses a blend of Lake Oswego hypnotherapy, Lake Oswego Brainspotting therapy, Lake Oswego EMDR therapist, Lake Oswego Heartmath techniques, and Lake Oswego Neuro-Linguistic Programming when working with PTSD and Trauma resolution clients.  Schedule your Lake Oswego PTSD Therapy session with Diane today.

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