Breakthrough Coaching in Lake Oswego, OR

Breakthrough Coaching in Lake Oswego, OR

Looking for Breakthrough Coaching in Oregon or Washington?

Ready to kick-start some serious changes this year?

Got goals that need action behind them? Then, consider – and schedule – your breakthrough coaching session.

Choose Diane Ulicsni for breakthrough coaching in Lake Oswego, OR. Breakthrough sessions create a context for clients to change in a short time, sometimes with quite dramatic results.

A typical breakthrough session lasts two to three hours, and is held in person. A variety of therapeutic modalities will be used such as:
EMDR, NLP, hypnosis, HeartMath, and BrainSpotting.  We then allow one night of integration and hold another two to three hour session the following day. Working this intensively is one way to foster rapid and dramatic change.




Typical topics for break-through sessions include:

Initial breakthrough sessions are followed with either face-to-face coaching or tele-coaching to insure the client’s progress and focus to stay on purpose.

Thank you for visiting my website.I am currently not accepting new clients until the first of the year.