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Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, and Life Coach

Brainspotting - Oregon and Washington

Brainspotting Therapy in Oregon and Washington

Brainspotting therapy makes use of relevant eye positions as a way to access traumatic memories. The role of the BSP therapist is to help a client locate, focus, process and release a emotions and physiological states. The theory supporting Brainspotting therapy is that that BSP harnesses the human body’s natural self-healing ability. Learn more about Brainspotting.

Breakthrough Coaching - Oregon and Washington

Breakthrough Coaching in Oregon and Washington

Sometimes you’ve just got to get a handle on your life and resolve a specific situation that has been holding you back. This can require some in-depth and intensive therapy to ensure that you face the things that have been holding you back, resolve them, and create empowering strategies for future success. The format of the Breakthrough sessions is dependent upon the issues you are going to resolve. All of the resources ranging from Brainspotting, to EMDR, to NLP and Hypnosis, and Life Coaching are going to be used in your Breakthrough Coaching. Learn more about Breakthrough Coaching.

Guided Imagery - Oregon and Washington

Guided Imagery Therapy in Oregon and Washington

Guided Imagery is one of the oldest techniques for enhancing self-awareness, developing creativity, problem-solving and creating internal resources for personal empowerment. When combined with hypnosis and NLP languaging patterns, Guided Imagery becomes a powerful resources that the most brilliant artists, business people, and entrepreneurs use on a daily basis. You too can tap into the latent resources you have within… Learn more about Guided Imagery.

Hypnosis - Oregon and Washington

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Oregon and Washington

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to resolve emotional, mental and physical issues and is often used when people desire lose weight or stop smoking, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hypnotherapy is a transformational therapy that awakens the connection between an individual’s conscious and unconscious mind. Suddenly and unsurprisingly it becomes easier to find new reserves of motivation, sidestep old problems, and perceive a new horizon of possibilities. Learn more about Hypnosis.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Oregon and Washington

Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Oregon and Washington

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (often referred to simply as NLP) is a therapy that emphasis the connection between language and physiology. Essentially, the words we use have an impact upon our subjective experience. By changing our words, the language patterns, and the associated meanings we can experience new possibilities. NLP is a powerful communication model and it isn’t surprising that the most successful leaders in all industries are aware of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Learn more about NLP.

Panic and Anxiety Disorders - Oregon and Washington

Panic and Anxiety Disorder Therapy in Oregon and Washington

Panic and anxiety disorders can be resolved through a combination of EMDR, Brainspotting, NLP and Hypnosis. The root causes of panic and anxiety can be defined (often with therapies such as NLP or Brainspotting it isn’t even necessary) and then new strategies can be encoded into the client’s neurology through conditioned response. Learn more about Panic and Anxiety Disorders.


Sports Performance - Oregon and Washington

Sports Performance Coaching in Oregon and Washington

Diane often coaches the coaches and the players in a wide variety of sports and athletics. Diane has worked with top athletes in all levels of competition and understands how to guide peak performers to victory. She has also helped numerous coaches developing optimized sports coaching methodologies to guide their players to success. As a Sports Performance Coach, Diane utilizes the latest findings in mind-body sciences combined with a techniques and training exercises from Heartmath, NLP and hypnosis. Learn more about Sports Performance.

Smoking Cessation - Oregon and Washington

Smoking Cessation Therapy in Oregon and Washington

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to stop smoking until now… you’ve found the right place! Smoking Cessation is dependent upon a number of factors that lead back to an individual’s self perception regarding identity, their beliefs, and changing the scenarios that used to trigger that desire for nicotine. Smoking Cessation is not a quick fix and the clients who follow Diane’s protocol do stop smoking. Learn more about Smoking Cessation.

Tele-Coaching - International

Tele-Coaching and International Skype Coaching

Diane is available for Tele-Coaching or Skype Coaching. In distance coaching, Diane relies heavily upon NLP languaging and Guided Imagery. Learn more about Tele-Coaching.

Trauma Resolution - Oregon and Washington

Trauma Resolution Therapy in Oregon and Washington

Diane has successfully coached hundreds of individuals needing Trauma Resolution Therapy. Some of the more common therapy contexts Diane has worked with are: sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, and first responder’s PTSD. All client information is absolutely confidential and there are virtually no circumstances that Diane has not been exposed to in her 30+ years of coaching and therapy. Learn more about Trauma Resolution.


Weight Loss Hypnosis - Oregon and Washington

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Oregon and Washington

If you are ready to lose weight, then Weight Loss Hypnosis is one of the most effective strategies for changing attitudes, mindsets, beliefs and behaviors. You can change your lifestyle habits, find the energy and motivation to exercise, choose healthier foods, drop non-beneficial habits, and watch those extra pounds come off. Learn more about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.